Matching Wine, Champagne and Different Foods


While we may assert that Champagne goes well with all food (and on it’s own), the experts have a more refined sense for matching the best drink to accompany your meal.

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Champagne and Nutrition

A glass of champagne has around 80 calories and 1.6g of carbs, making it one of the better options for an alcoholic drink. It also contains around 104mg of Potassium.

Champagne and Meat

It’s well known that steak pairs perfectly with red wine and chicken or fish with white wine, but what about Champagne? Research has recently shown that Champagne pairs excellently with foods high in fat and salt. Champagne has been found to add depth to savory and meaty flavors such as those found in lamb chops or even steak. Amazingly, this also works really well with dried meats.

Champagne and Indian Food

It seems that many people, especially in the UK, enjoy a beer with Indian food, but there are way richer combinations that people have discovered over the years. Indian food is complex and diverse, so it’s of course difficult to generalise, but there are a few rules to follow.

Michael Dolinski, the wine director at Junoon New York suggests “I think that with virtually any lamb curry, white wine is the best choice,” in particular dry rieslings.” A sweet riesling, would be a great accompaniment to a Lamb kebab.

You need to forget the European way of thinking, “White wine with white meat” and think more of the combinations which bring together acidic wines with a moderate amount of residual sugar, that would offset the spiciness of many Indian dishes. You should steer away from wines with high tannin levels.

Red wines that are spicier or earthier, such as syrah and cabernet match well with Indian foods that feature Kerala Spices such as pepper, vanilla, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and turmeric.

Champagne, unfortunately is not well matched to most Indian dishes due to its complexity.

It’s also good to note that lower alcohol wines tend to compliment Indian food better than high alcohol wines.

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The main thing is to experiment, especially if you are cooking at home. Pick up some of your favorite Indian spices, a few different wines and try them all!

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