Champagne Gift Sets


If it is indeed true to say that Champagne is the ideal gift choice for any occasion, the Champagne gift set is truly in a league of its own. While a bottle of Champagne of any kind is always welcomed by the recipient, a simple bottle alone has the potential to display very little by way of creativity and imagination, unless it’s Cristal!

However, combine said bottle with a few carefully tailored adornments and the once standard, ordinary gift is transformed into something truly extraordinary.

Fine, exquisite Champagne gift sets are not bound in their appeal by gender, age or personal taste and are easily within the reach of almost any budget across the board. Of course, it would not be difficult to spend a small fortune if you so wish, but such is certainly not a requirement. With this is mind, the following is a brief introduction to a few of the most popular examples currently making the rounds:

Under $100
Believe it or not, it is possible to pick up a quite stunning Bollinger gift set including a bottle of Bollinger Rose and two Riedel glasses for below the $100 mark. The Champagne is question has arrived after no less than six years in the making and comes presented in a wonderfully elegant, understated box that is guaranteed to impress.

$100 to $300
For around the $250 mark, the discerning shopper can procure a gift boxed bottle of Krug 1998 Vintage, known to be one of the finest produced by the house in over a decade. Straying a little close to the $300 mark is the Dom Perignon Rose 2000 Vintage ‘Love’ gift box, featuring a 750ml bottle and two limited edition glasses designed by artist Sylvie Fleury.

Over $300
For those really looking to splurge, Champagne is certainly a good product to do so on. Weighing in around the $1400 mark is the Armand de Brignac Champagne selection comprising of Rose, Brut and Blanc de Blanc. This Champagne has been voted quite simply the very best in the world by over 1000 of the world’s highest critics and sommeliers. The box and bottles supplied are truly masterpieces.

Finally, there is the Krug Vintage Clos D’Ambonnay 1995 gift box, featuring one bottle of the rarest of all Krugs and fetching a rather eye-watering $3000. The wine has been viewed as quite simply one of the most exceptional ever produced with no comparable rival ever having come to light.

Gifts are something really appreciating and people like having them every now and then as well. There are lots of choices available when it comes to selecting gifts in sets or groups as well.

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