Champagne Delamotte


Champagne Delamotte is a small producer of Champagne located in the Côte de Blancs, France. First established in 1760 by François Delamotte, it is known for its dedication to Chardonnay. It is the 5th oldest Champagne house in the region.

The champagne is mainly produced with grapes that have been grown from chalky soils of the Grand Cru villages of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize, Oger, and Cramant.

It shares it’s viticultural, winemaking, and management team with its “sister” winery Champagne Salon. Both houses are owned by the the Laurent-Perrier group.

History of Delamotte

The history of Maison Delamotte is a family story. Started by François Dalamotte and continued by his two sons, Alexandre and Nicolas-Louis.

François Delamotte, was born in Reims in 1722, was the “Conseiller-échevin” of Reims. In 1760 he established a house of Wines of Champagne under his name in Reims, in the building located on the corner of the rue Cérès and the rue Marmousets. This was also where he lived. The cellars were beneath the building. Soon after, he went into partnership with his eldest son Alexandre to create “Delamotte Père & Fils” (“Father and Son”).

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After the conquest of the island of Malta by Bonaparte in 1798, François’ youngest son Nicolas Louis Delamotte returned home and established himself in Reims, joining the family Champagne house. Nicolas-Louis decides to expand the company and export their Champagne across Europe.

The house stays in the family for generations until in 1988, Bernard de Nonancourt, establishes the Laurent-Perrier group by integrating the family Champagne house Delamotte. This same year, Bernard buys the neighboring Maison Champagne Salon. Both houses have been linked ever since.

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