How to Hold a Champagne Glass

how to hold a champagne glass

Drinking champagne is done standing or sitting (although I also know people who prefer to do it lying down). But how do you hold a Champagne glass elegantly?

When you are standing you can hold the glass in two ways. You can hold the glass with your thumb, index and middle finger by the stem (ladies possibly with a stretched little finger, as if drinking tea). There are 4 main types of Champagne Glasses.

The other method is to hold the glass by the base with your thumb and forefinger (as if you were holding a beer mat). I am in favor of the first method, although it is not the most elegant. With the second method (the reception position), there is a good chance that the glass will fall out of hand if someone bumps into you (and that happens more often at the receptions today than before). The second method is ideal for men of any size. The elbow can then rest on the stomach, although this is actually not allowed according to etiquette.

When you are seated, the first method of holding the glass is really the best. You should never hold the glass at the top. The Champagne is then heated, which is not the intention. Never let the glasses clink together. Those things are not made for that. If you really need to toast, raise a glass in the air, look your guest (s) deep in the eye and then shout something eerily profound …

You shouldn’t drink Champagne form the bottle, and with the size of some bottles (up to 30 litres), we aren’t sure you physically could!

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