How to Hold a Champagne Glass

how to hold a champagne glass

While holding a champagne glass may seem like a simple task, there are actually a few key factors to consider in order to ensure that you are doing it correctly. Whether you’re attending a fancy event or just enjoying a glass of bubbly at home, here are some tips on how to hold a champagne glass like a pro.

How to Hold a Champagne Glass

  1. Hold the stem One of the most important aspects of holding a champagne glass is to always hold it by the stem. This is because champagne should be served chilled, and holding the bowl of the glass can actually warm up the liquid inside. Additionally, holding the stem also ensures that you don’t leave any fingerprints on the glass itself, which can be unsightly.
  2. Use your fingers When holding a champagne glass, use your fingers to gently grip the stem of the glass. You don’t need to use a lot of force – just enough to keep the glass steady in your hand. Try to avoid gripping the stem too tightly, as this can be uncomfortable and can also make it difficult to swirl the champagne around in the glass.
  3. Don’t touch the bowl As mentioned above, it’s important to avoid touching the bowl of the champagne glass. This is not only because it can warm up the liquid, but also because it can leave unsightly fingerprints on the glass. Additionally, holding the bowl can also make it difficult to see the champagne itself, as your hand may be blocking the view.
  4. Keep it steady When holding a champagne glass, it’s important to keep it as steady as possible. This means avoiding any sudden movements or jerky motions that could cause the champagne to spill. It’s also a good idea to avoid talking with your hands while holding a champagne glass, as this can increase the chances of spilling.
  5. Know when to put it down Finally, it’s important to know when to put your champagne glass down. While it may be tempting to keep sipping away, it’s best to take a break every once in a while to give your hand a rest. Additionally, if you’re attending a formal event, it’s good etiquette to put your glass down while eating, as this makes it easier to hold your utensils.

In conclusion, holding a champagne glass is all about using proper etiquette and technique. By following these tips, you can ensure that you look polished and sophisticated while enjoying your favorite bubbly beverage.

You shouldn’t drink Champagne form the bottle, and with the size of some bottles (up to 30 litres), we aren’t sure you physically could!

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