About Us

Expensive Champagne has been created to serve as both a celebration and comprehensive resource for Champagne lovers the world over. Our life-long passion simply could not be contained anymore and thus the time came to share our quite unrivalled enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

Champagne is far more than just a drink; having taken pride of place as one of the world’s most recognized and irrefutable symbols of status, celebration and general joy. Few foods and drinks have ever reached such a level where their very existence transcends such things as language barriers and cultural differences to become an instantly recognizable iconic creation wherever in the world it may be found.

Despite the extensive number of Champagne sites to be found online, there has really never been anything by way of a single and complete resource covering all aspects of the subject without exception.

Subsequently, in conjunction with the fact that Champagne is more easily affordable and accessible than ever before, the time seemed ideal to bridge the gaps and share our generations of knowledge and insights with all interested parties.

Furthermore, a wide selection of some of the finest examples of Champagne have been made available via our online shop…which is another unique feature you will seldom find on any other Champagne information resource.

Of course, the subject and topics thereon are continually changing, therefore we will be updating ExpensiveChampagne.org on a regular basis, whenever and wherever new and relevant information comes to light.

In the meantime however, enjoy browsing our site and the online store…and please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions you might have.

Many thanks and all the very best!

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