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Welcome to the Expensive Champagne Guide, quite simply the only resource you are ever likely to require for comprehensive information regarding all famous champagne brands and champagne-related matters.
As quite possibly the most famous and certainly the most prestigious creation even to be bottled and corked for our pleasure, Champagne proudly resides in a league entirely of its own.

Learn how to hold a champagne glass, check out some champagne gift sets, or pour yourself a glass and read some hilarious Champagne Memes.

About Champagne

Technically invented by the British (Believe it or not!) as far back as the 17th Century, Champagne also boasts a rich and colorful history from its rather humble beginnings to the unequivocal marvel it exists as today…something of a gastronomic ‘rags to riches’ story if ever there was one.

Needless to say, the whole subject is one that deserves both a little understanding and all due respect, therefore this website has been created to provide a unique one-stop-shop regarding all aspects of Champagne, from the moment Mr. Dom Perignon himself first stumbled across the new tipple, right up to the present-day quaffing of elite and celebrity circles the world over.

Alongside the historical aspects regarding how modern Champagne came to be, we also offer insightful advice regarding such matters as throwing a successful Champagne party, an introduction to some of the exquisite cocktails you could try your hand at making…and even a recipe or two for ‘mock’ Champagne – an alcohol free alternative suitable even for kids!

As the world of Champagne continues to grow and diversify each and every day, the site will be continually updated with all the latest and most relevant information as and when new developments come about. After all, it is really only a matter of time until a new most expensive Champagne in the world comes to be.

Champagne has always been a universally adored gift idea, therefore we have also included a section featuring a number of examples of gift sets for all budgets, guaranteed to really take the breath of any recipient well and truly away.

Of course, we would never expect you to go thirsty after temping you with so many insights into the world of Champagne, therefore we have provided an online shop where you will find many of the finest examples of Champagne the world over today, all with considerable reductions on recommended retail prices.

Whether you consider yourself as something of a connoisseur or have yet to taste your very first sip of Champagne, you simply could not be in a better place to really submerge yourself in the subject and let your imagination carry you away on a cloud of the world’s most prized bubble.

So kick back, take a load off and dive head-first into the wonderful world of the most prestigious and revered beverage ever produced where you may just find the odd surprise or two!

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