Gosset Champagne


Gosset is the name of one of the oldest Champagne houses in all of France, having been first established back in 1584. The house was founded when a grape grower by the name of Jean Gosset passed on a vineyard to Pierre Gosset, who would then go on to begin producing and exporting wine in his own name, which were mostly reds in keeping with the typical traditions of the area.

Gosset wines today are produced from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunire grapes, and have achieved world fame for a slightly sweet Brut Excellence and vintage prestige cuvees including Celebris and Grand Millesime.


The Gosset Champagne house was founded in 1584, making it one of the oldest in France’s entire Champagne region. Generally speaking, the original winemaker by the name of Pierre Gosset produced mostly still, red wines, which were indeed typical for the region at the time.

It was during the 18th Century when sparkling wine first caught the attention of high society that the Gosset family edged more toward the production of what would come to be known as Champagne. However, the traditions and unshakable ethics of the wine making process were to be kept and set in stone.

1994 saw the acquisition of the house by the Cointreau family, where under the leadership of Beatrice Cointreau, production was increased to over 1 million bottles during 2005. The house continues to be successfully run by Jean-Pierre Cointreau.


At the Gosset house, much of the wine-making process in relation to the cuvees presented in the old-style bottles takes place in wooden vats. Malolactic fermentation is strictly forbidden, so as to fully preserve the fine malic acid that is known to hold much of the natural, fruity aroma of the wine it is found within.

Furthermore, as has been the tradition for centuries, the riddling, the poignettage and the degorgement for the removal of sediment are all carried out by hand, by experts and each and every day, in accordance with the time-old rules of the house.

The Gosset house is world famous for the production of strong, powerful wines with a heavy dominance of black grapes in their Champagne. Vintage examples from Gosset are known across the globe to be some of the best pairing wines for gastronomy simply beyond compare; such Champagnes are presented in stunning antique bottles following vinificaition in oak barrels.


With regard to the Gosset Grand Millesime, a new vintage from 1999 and an excellent representation, this already adult and mature Champagne has a deliciously deep combination of flavors with a truly elegant depth and structure; quite simple exquisite with Salmon, Raspberry flavors and Fois Gras.

Representing the non-vintage side is the Brut Excellence, with a fine mousse and exceptionally rich aroma, beautifully complex flavors and elegance, with a fresh and delightfully fruity finish. This wine is sublime with light meals and desserts such as salads, salmon and non-heavy cakes and gateaux.

Fun Fact

The Vintage Cuvée Quatrième Centenaire was produced to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Gosset brand, and the result was so exceptional that of the 2,500 cases produced, the family kept over 20 for their own use!

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