Champagne Vending Machines


Originally launched in the UK in 2013, Champagne Vending Machines have been popping up all across the world.

Created by, and stocked exclusively with Moët & Chandon you have to purchase a specially designed $25 gold coin. You can then choose either Imperial Brut and Imperial Rosé, both of which are in 200mL bottles. A little more expensive than if you bought them in a shop, but you also receive a Champagne flute to drink from. You wouldn’t want to be just drinking from the bottle!

Originally only available in high end hotels and events such as the Golden Globes, you can now purchase these for just $35,000, though this doesn’t include the stock to fill it.

Make sure you know how to properly open your bottle, so you don’t feature in our “Champagne Bottle Opening Fails” article.

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