Champagne Facts and Figures


We all like to drink Champagne, but here are some interesting and fun facts for you.


Did you know that:

  • There are 980 million bottles underground in the Champagne region
  • A 75 cl. Champagne bottle has about 47 million bubbles
  • The length of the corridors in the basements of the big houses are up to 20 km long
  • The total length of the underground tunnel system is more than 200 km
  • The Netherlands is number 7 worldwide in terms of Champagne consumer per inhabitant
  • In the Netherlands 60% of all Champagne (2.4 million bottles) is drunk in the last two weeks of the year
  • Champagne prices in the Netherlands are about 20% higher than in neighboring countries
  • Champagne consumption (number of bottles) is still growing by 15% annually
  • There are people who think that Methode Champenoise is the same as Champagne
  • The pressure in a Champagne bottle is twice as high as in a car tire

The largest is:

  • The largest wooden barrel is at Mercier in Epernay (200,000 bottles)
  • The largest bottle of champagne in the world (2 meters high) is located at Beamont des Crayeres in Mardeuil
  • The largest cork is also at Beamont in Mardeuil (1 meter high)
  • The largest crystal glass is at Taittinger in Reims (the size of a proper bathtub)

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